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This Genius Little “Pocket Speaker” Is Quickly Becoming The #1 Portable Speaker In 2024 — For One Big Reason

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“Did anyone bring a speaker?!”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone shout that at a group outing, I’d be rich!

Of course, the answer is rarely “Yes” — I mean, who carries around a bulky Bluetooth speaker with them everywhere they go, “just in case”?

The fact is, most “portable” speakers aren’t actually that portable. Even the smaller models are too big to fit in your pocket… and if you do happen to find space, they aren’t much better than your phone speaker anyway.

So even if you do own a Bluetooth speaker, you end up leaving it at home most of the time…

That said, nothing beats music when it comes to livening the mood. Whether you’re at the park, camping, at a party… blasting hard rock at full volume, or supplementing the atmosphere with smooth jazz… you never know when you’ll want music!

So, wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to pack all the volume and bass of a full-size speaker… into a small, pocket-size device that you can actually bring anywhere?

Yes. It would be great — and it IS great. Because that’s exactly what Anything Speaker does!

This new speaker comes in the form of a tiny little disc, and it looks humble… but once you attach it to something, it transforms virtually any object into a booming loudspeaker using bone conduction technology!

I tried it after seeing it was the #1 speaker on TikTok, and I’m so impressed with how compact AND loud it is. If you’re looking for a TRULY portable speaker, you have to check it out!

The Anything Speaker is a genius pocket-sized device that turns virtually any hollow object into a booming speaker.

It harnesses the power of bone conduction technology to make sound travel through different surfaces, turning everyday objects into vibrant acoustic environments.

You can stick the Anything Speaker on pretty much anything you can think of — a bike helmet, table, guitar, vase — and it instantly starts vibrating with brilliant sound!

The Anything Speaker connects easily to your phone, tablet, or other devices that use Bluetooth. And it works with both Android and iPhone.

Best of all, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket — yet the volume is over 300% more powerful than your phone’s speakers.

It’s great for travel, picnics, camping, commuting, parties, etc… and it can even amplify instruments like your guitar!

I originally bought one Anything Speaker, but I liked it so much that I had to get another one. You can connect two Anything Speakers at once, turning your music into a 3D stereo experience!

The Anything Speaker Is So Easy To Use

One of the things I love most about the Anything Speaker is how easy it is to use.

Simply turn it on, open your phone and select it in the Bluetooth menu. Even if you’re not tech-savvy (I’m definitely not), it’s a piece of cake!

From there, just start playing music. The Anything Speaker will start playing right away.

The Anything Speaker includes a magnet, suction cups, and adhesive pads — so it can stick (and hold tight) to virtually anything.

Plus, connecting two of them is a breeze – it’s as simple as turning one on and then the other. They link up automatically, which means you don’t need to be a tech whiz to make them work together.

Turn Anything Into A Speaker

The Anything Speaker is super light and easy to carry around. You can put it in your pocket and take it wherever you go!

After getting mine, I’ve tried it everywhere. I’ve used it on beachside dates with my wife, sticking it on my car. I’ve used it on backyard dinners beneath the stars and attached it to the table.

I’ve even stuck it on my bicycle helmet when I’ve gone out for a ride!

8 Reasons Why I Love My Anything Speaker

✅ Turns Anything Into A Speaker: How cool (and convenient) is that?

✅ Plenty Of Ways To Use It: It’s useful, fun, and has tons of applications. Even if they’re not music lovers, they can use it at work and home to amplify their phone.

✅ Incredible High-Quality Sound: It’s more than a party trick — the Anything Speaker also sounds brilliant!

✅ Ultra Portable: The Anything Speaker fits in your pocket, making it a solid replacement for bulky Bluetooth speakers.

✅ Kids Love It: It’s fun and educational — they’ll learn about sound waves and have a blast testing different objects!

✅ 30-Foot Bluetooth Range: You’ll never have to worry about it cutting out.

✅ Easy To Use On Any Device: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, you name it — the ANything Speaker starts playing immediately!

✅ Works With Guitars & Other Instruments: Do they play guitar? This is a no-brainer! Just slap it on and start jamming — it instantly starts amplifying the sound.

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