Your Toilet Paper Could Be Causing You Serious Harm — Here’s What To Do About It

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If you still think that toilet paper is your best option…

Then you’ve been lied to!

For over 100 years, Americans have been tricked into using toilet paper… and experts say that it’s causing some dangerous – and disgusting! – health concerns.

In fact, chances are that if you don’t take a shower every time you go Number 2, you could be a walking source of fecal contamination.

Just think about it: Imagine your hands are covered in chocolate. What are you going to use to clean it?

Would you use a dry paper towel – that leaves smudges and bits of paper behind?

Or would you wash your hands under running water?

Well, doctors say that toilet paper works just like the first example. Even though the paper comes away clean, that doesn’t mean your behind is!

The fact of the matter is that when you use toilet paper, you’re physically smearing your own feces around your skin. You’re moving it, but not removing all of it!

That’s why an estimated 90% of bathrooms in places like Italy and Spain have bidets. It’s the only way to ensure a proper cleanse!

And that means that Americans are seriously behind in bathroom hygiene. Why might that be?

Well, when you take a look at the multi-million dollar industry built around keeping American’s buying a new batch of TP every month…

It’s safe to say that someone had a vested interest in discouraging the use of bidets in America.

And since we don’t like to discuss such an intimate subject, even those of us who discover the incredible, undeniable improvement a bidet offers over wiping… tend to stay quiet.

But now, thanks to a feisty startup and a major breakthrough in bidet technology, times are changing.

You see, bidets used to be expensive. Installing a bidet in your house used to require hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the equipment and the installation costs.

But that’s all changed… because now we have Better Butts Bidet: The world’s first bidet that anyone can install in just a few minutes on virtually any toilet.

Not only does it give you a much better clean, it also saves you money on toilet paper – two big reasons why thousands of people have already switched over.

If you’re still using toilet paper, this article could save you hundreds of dollars – and completely change your mind about what it means to be “truly clean” after using the bathroom!

What is the Better Butts Bidet?

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The Better Butts Bidet is a revolutionary bidet attachment that offers a universal fit on almost any toilet – allowing you to instantly upgrade your bathroom hygiene while saving money.

The innovative nozzle not only cleans itself when you’re done, but lets you adjust the angle and pressure of the water – so anyone can use it easily, even if you’ve never tried a bidet before!

It cleans better than any toilet paper, yet it won’t wreck your pipes like wet-wipes do!

And unlike other bidets, the Better Butts Bidet uses fresh, clean tap water to provide the most hygienic clean of your life – every time.

All you need to do when you’ve “done your business” is sit back, turn the dial, and let the Better Butts Bidet take care of the rest.

The Better Butts Bidet gives your bathroom the hygiene upgrade it desperately needs. It’s more comfortable, clean, and safe than any toilet paper. And compared to all the other options out there, it’s shockingly affordable!

How easy is it to install?

Unlike other bidets, installing the Better Butts Bidet couldn’t be easier. Forget the plumber – anyone can install Better Butts Bidet in minutes, without any electricity or special tools!

All you have to do is:

  1. Shut off water supply and flush to empty tank.
  2. Remove toilet seat.
  3. Attach included water line.
  4. Attach your Better Butts Bidet.
  5. Re-attach your toilet seat.
  6. Connect the water line to your bidet.
  7. Done!

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll be ready to do business cleaner than ever before!

Well, actually: You think your butt is clean.

This isn’t a fun fact… but it’s true: If you don’t use a bidet (or shower after #2), you’re probably sitting on “fecal remnants” as you’re reading this.

And that’s not just disgusting – it’s unsafe! The Better Butts Bidet doesn’t just feel better to use, it also offers some surprising health benefits:¹

  • Avoid dangerous infections: Avoiding the unnecessary friction of toilet paper helps reduce your risk of developing hemorrhoids.
  • Limits spread of germs: By avoiding the risk of contact with feces. (And who wants to put their hand down there anyway?)
  • Reduces bacteria in urine: Signaling a more thorough cleaning.
  • Stay fresh all day long: Better Butts Bidet guarantees you’re never bringing your poo residue along for the ride to work, lunch, and even to the gym. (Gross, right?)

Keep clean for your partner: No more worrying about taking a shower break before intimacy.

The Bottom Line

Your TP simply isn’t getting the job done… instead of removing waste, it just moves it around. And yes – that’s just as unsanitary as it sounds!

Not only could you be sitting in your own fecal matter throughout the day, but you could increase your risk of developing hemorrhoids.

But now, thanks to the Better Butts Bidet, there’s finally an easy, affordable way to perfect your bathroom hygiene.

If you’re still not convinced that your toilet paper is doing a crappy job, you need to give this a shot. Your butt is going to thank you!

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