The Hand Warmer That Charges Your Phone!

CozyCharge is a 2-in-1 hand warmer and power bank that provides instant warmth and a full charge whenever you need it.

Beat the cold and keep your devices charged — all winter long!

Say Goodbye to Numb, Painful Hands

With three adjustable temperature settings up to 140°F, CozyCharge provides instant relief from numb, painful hands caused by frigid winter weather!

The smooth, lightweight surface rests comfortably in your palms, gently radiating heat to ease aches and improve circulation. A few minutes of contact with CozyCharge is all it takes to melt those icy hands, so you can enjoy your favorite cold-weather activities in comfort.

Keep Your Devices Charged All Day Long

Unlike alternatives that just warm hands, CozyCharge is ALWAYS useful on a winter day… even if you’re spending it indoors!

The built-in power bank charges your smartphone, Bluetooth headphones, and other USB devices when you’re on the move. Now you can text with toasty fingers, take selfies on the slopes and call for help if needed!

CozyCharge is your lifeline for cold hands and dead batteries.

A Hand Warmer You’ll Actually Use — Because It Works!


CozyCharge fits in your palm, making it a great companion for everything from ski trips and outdoor adventures to quick walks around the block.

The smooth texture of CozyCharge allows you to feel ultimate warmth, and its rounded edges will never scratch or irritate your skin.

The compact CozyCharge shape targets sore wrists, knees and other joints for direct pain relief. It’s great for any aches and pains that get worse in the cold!

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