The Ultimate Fusion of Hydration and Technology: Meet the Ringo Bottle™


Imagine a world where your water bottle does more than just quench your thirst. Envision a scenario where capturing memories, creating content, and staying connected doesn’t require juggling multiple gadgets. Welcome to the future of functional hydration – the Ringo Bottle™. Merging unparalleled convenience with cutting-edge technology, Ringo Bottle™ has become the talk of the town, garnering over 3,800 backers and acclaims from top influencers like Elly Awesome, Jenn Jolly, and Miles above Tech. It’s not just a bottle; it’s your new everyday companion, ensuring you stay hydrated and never miss capturing a moment again.

Ever found yourself trying to balance your phone on a precarious ledge just to capture that perfect sunset? Or maybe you’ve tried to prop it up against your coffee cup to catch up on your favorite show during lunch? We’ve all been there. But what if there was a better way?

What Is It?

Ringo Bottle™ is a meticulously designed, double-walled vacuum bottle with an integrated magnetic phone mount, crafted to be your hydration and recording companion in one sleek package. It’s not just a water bottle; it’s a technologically advanced tool that marries convenience with innovation. The bottle is crafted from premium-grade stainless steel, ensuring your drinks maintain their temperature—hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24.

How Does It Work?

ringo 1

Ringo’s proprietary lid design features a ring-shaped element that serves dual purposes: a handle for carrying and a magnetic mount for your phone. The magnets inside the ring securely hold your MagSafe-ready iPhone, providing a stable stand for recording videos, taking photos, or watching content.

For non-MagSafe devices, Ringo offers a Magnetic Booster Ring, ensuring compatibility with any device, from older iPhones to non-Apple phones and even larger tablets like the iPad 12.9″.

Is It Easy to Use?

Absolutely! To use Ringo, simply angle the ring upwards to activate its handle mode for carrying or to magnetically mount your phone. The 90-degree hinge, designed in collaboration with a renowned laptop hinge manufacturer, allows you to effortlessly fine-tune your device’s angle while ensuring stability during use. Rotate your smartphone to switch between portrait and landscape modes seamlessly. 

Whether you’re capturing memories on a hike, recording workout sessions, or streaming content in the park, Ringo provides a stable, easy-to-use platform, ensuring you never miss a moment.

In a world that ceaselessly blends technology with lifestyle, Ringo Bottle™ emerges as a beacon of innovative design and practicality. It’s not merely a water bottle but a companion that understands and adapts to your dynamic, tech-integrated life. From the meticulous design ensuring your beverages stay at the perfect temperature to the magnetic mount that becomes your third hand in capturing memories and enjoying content, Ringo is a testament to thoughtful engineering. It’s a celebration of staying connected, capturing moments, and prioritizing hydration, all while navigating through the adventures of your daily life.

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