Toss 'em, wash 'em, dry 'em — your socks stay together no matter what!

SockDock is a revolutionary sock laundry system that makes it easy to sort and match your socks. It keeps socks together from washer to dryer to closet, so you’ll never waste time pairing socks again!

Save Time & Avoid “Sock Insanity” On Laundry Day

Trying to match socks after laundry can take ages… but with SockDock, sorting socks becomes a thing of the past. Just toss them on the dock and let it do the pairing for you!

No more turning every sock inside out hunting for matches or digging through clean laundry to match them. SockDock keeps pairs neatly together so you can spend time on more important things than sorting socks!

Stop wasting time on your socks — just load and go!

Keep Your Socks Organized & In One Place!

Not only does SockDock help you keep your socks organized while washing them, it also doubles as a super convenient storage solution!

No more messy sock drawers or piles of unmatched socks. Simply attach your socks in pairs to SockDock, wash them all together, then place it back in your closet — you’re all set!

It’s time to replace your chaotic sock drawer with something that actually makes sense.

How It Works

SockDock makes laundry day so much easier — and it virtually guarantees you’ll never lose a sock again!

That’s because SockDock’s specially designed spring-loaded and adjustable cords keep socks together through the entire laundry cycle. The non-slip grips prevent them from slipping, and the durable paracord connecting each pair allows just the right amount of flexibility without letting socks get away.

No more sock sorting or matching — just toss them in SockDock and go!

The bright colors and smart design make SockDock fun for kids to use. Now they can take control of their own sock organization, teaching them good habits!

SockDock is made with top-grade materials to avoid breakage in high heat or snagging on other laundry items. Just toss it in with everything else — no worries!

The compact design lets you hang SockDock anywhere — On the hamper, in the closet, on the wall, even on a doorknob. No more overflowing sock drawers or messy piles!

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