This New All-Natural Bug Repellant Keeps Flies, Mosquitoes & Annoying Insects FAR Away — And All You Have To Do Is Set It On Your Table!

Over 325,000 people have already discovered how to enjoy outdoor dining, camping, barbecues, and ball games again…thanks to this viral “bug clearing” device. Could it solve your pest problem too?

Summer is in full swing, and everyone is enjoying the outdoors — which means plenty of picnics, outdoor meals, and afternoons in the park!

But sadly, it also means plenty of insects — mosquitoes, flies, wasps, you name it… if they’re pests, they’re swarming right now.

Even worse, excessive winter snowfalls and record rains have also contributed to a record-high mosquito season this year.1

And even if you don’t suffer from mosquitos in your area, you’re likely noticing plague-level infestations of flies, wasps, hornets, or other winged pests.2

No, it’s not your imagination. It’s especially bad this year!

In the past, you’ve likely used sprays, candles, or even fly-swatters to keep the bugs at bay.

And as you’ve noticed, those are all toxic, smelly, or simply ineffective (and frustrating to use)… but they’re your only choice, right?

Until recently, yes. But thanks to a recent breakthrough, there’s now a chemical-free, “set it and forget it” solution that automatically repels bugs from a distance: The Treva Bug Fan.

This new device uses a genius technique to create a “bug force field” — which sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually quite simple (and surprisingly effective). Just wait until you hear how it works!

What is the Treva Bug Fan?

The Treva Bug Fan is an aesthetic, whisper-quiet gadget that uses reflective patterns and holographic blades to scare bugs away.

There’s no zapping, no smell, no blue lights, no open flames, no flying bug particles, and most importantly… NO CHEMICALS.

The Treva Bug Fan is small and attractive — perfect for tablescapes indoors and out. It’s battery powered and ultra-portable, so you can truly use it anywhere.

And in case you’re wondering about safety, it has gentle soft-stop blades that are bendable and come to a complete stop if they contact with anything (like little hands).

How Does The Treva Bug Fan Work?

The Treva Bug Fan does not rely on chemicals, zapping, sticky traps, or smelly citronella.

Instead, it pairs 2 “bug-frightening” technologies to scare the bugs away… and it keeps them away 360° around you!

First of all, the constant motion of the blades keeps flies away — it’s like when you swat flies away from your plate at a barbecue… except you don’t have to lift a finger and it’s always protecting you.

The second, even more powerful technology is the holographic reflections created by the blades.

This refracts light, creating a blinding appearance that bugs absolutely hate.

Although the fan is whisper-quiet, small, and attractive to humans, it terrifies flying pests so much that they steer clear altogether!

In fact, each fan can keep the area of a 4-person table completely clear of winged pests!

To use the Bug Fan, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Insert batteries.
Step 2: Place the fan in an unobstructed place.
Step 3: Turn it on and live bug-free!

Over 325,000 Treva Bug Fan users are enjoying nature again, thanks to this portable device.

They’re using it for camping, BBQs, little league games, outdoor weddings, swimming at the lake, hanging out at the beach, grilling outdoors, picnics, and more.

Anywhere you can carry a flashlight, you can carry your Treva Bug Fan. It’s that small and portable!

You can buy a Treva Bug Fan for about the same price as a package of citronella candles or bug spray.

…But then you’d need more sprays and candles in just a few weeks. On the other hand, the Treva Bug Fan is a one-time purchase that will last you for years!

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