This Tiny Device Saved Me From Blurry Pictures, Smudged Screens, & Scratched Glasses (It Could Save You Too)


This stamp-sized cleaning wipe removes smears and smudges from phone screens, camera lenses, eyeglasses & more.


This stamp-sized cleaning wipe removes smears and smudges from phone screens, camera lenses, eyeglasses & more.

In 2023, the average consumer paid $800 for a smartphone!

But despite the high prices we pay for the newest, max-pixel devices, and how much we depend on our phones for nearly everything…

You just pulled your phone out of your pocket — and it’s covered in smudges and grime.

How do you clean it?

Let me guess — you wipe it off with your t-shirt, right?

Of course, that doesn’t REALLY work… it just moves the smudge around, leaving behind an oily residue and a thick buildup of germs, bacteria and grime.

And if you wear glasses, it’s 100 times worse… because you depend on them even more than your phone. And who wants all those germs building up right next to their face?!

Now, let me make another guess — at some point you’ve decided you’re sick of the smudges, so you picked up a microfiber cloth or even a “portable” cleaning spray.

It worked fine… but over time, you got sick of carrying it around. You got tired of taking the time to clean the cloth, refill the spray, make space in your purse or bag… and eventually, you just stopped using it.

What Are WaterBears?

WaterBears are the tiniest, most portable, most smudge-proof lens cleaners on earth… AND in outer space!

That’s because WaterBears harness the power of NASA technology to remove smears, dirt, oils, fingerprints, and even bacteria from lenses of all kinds.

WaterBears are universal screen cleaners that work on virtually every type of screen or lens:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Camera lenses
  • Laptops
  • E-readers
  • Eyeglasses
  • Binoculars
  • And more!

It’s about the size of a postage stamp and it sticks right on your device, so you’ll always have it with you to clean anything and everything at a moment’s notice.

Even Better, WaterBears Don't Use Toxins, Water, Or Sprays

And yet they still leave surfaces perfectly clear, crisp, streak-free, and residue-free.

And their reusability is amazing. When you find that your WaterBears start to lose their sticky texture or cleaning power, simply rinse off and air dry to restore their cleaning power!

WaterBears set themselves apart from the competition with their one-of-a-kind material that attracts and traps grime, oils, and smudges.

This material is also permeated with a proprietary antimicrobial infusion, so your devices are not only smudge-free, they’re clean at a microscopic level!

And that’s not all — WaterBears have an adhesive silicone back, which “suctions” onto the back of your phone or camera (without leaving any sticky residue), so it’s always within reach when you need it… yet always out of the way when you don’t.

So in case you hadn’t noticed, WaterBears are NOT the same as the lens cleaning cloth that came with your sunglasses — they’re completely unlike any microfiber or fabric on the market. In fact, inventor Cory Decker contacted 87 factories just to find one that could manufacture this specialized material!

Bottom Line: WaterBears Treat Your Screens & Lenses to an “Out Of This World” Cleaning — They’re The Best Thing I’ve Tried All Year!

Look, you use your phone every single day. And it was a huge investment! Doesn’t it make sense to get the most out of it… and to take good care of it?

Instead of squinting through your dirty glasses, wiping your screens with dirty t-shirts, and tolerating blurry photos caused by smudged lenses, why not get the most portable, streak-free lens cleaner on the market?

After I got WaterBears, I never looked back. No other cleaner is as portable as WaterBears. I order them in bulk and stick them everywhere. And I constantly give them as gifts. Because every single person I know has a smartphone, camera, or glasses. In fact, most people have all three!

You’ll wonder how you ever got by without WaterBears. It’s my favorite innovation of the year so far!

Currently, WaterBears are available directly from the brand on the official website.

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