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Is Your WiFi Signal Weak Or Always Dropping Out? RangeXTD Makes Your WiFi Signal Strong As An Ox!

Breakthrough device delivers POWERFUL WiFi reception to EVERY room in your home!

It wasn’t until we all started working from home that I noticed how truly lousy my home WiFi network was.

It used to be that I only watched a bit of YouTube or Netflix at home, or maybe checked my email. But with all the new “work from home” orders in place, I’m using my house’s WiFi all the time – and it’s become painfully apparent just how crummy my home WiFi really is.

Whether I’m downloading a bunch of files from work or trying to participate in a Zoom meeting with my colleagues, I always run into problems with my WiFi.

Certain rooms barely get any WiFi reception, and in other rooms I can’t even get online at all! And even in my home office (which is right beside the WiFi router), there are dead spots where the internet NEVER seems to connect!

And even in the rooms that get the strongest WiFi signal, I was still getting random WiFi dropouts. I’d be in a Zoom chat when suddenly all of the faces would just freeze and lock up.

I needed to find a way to make my WiFi work at full strength – all the time – and in every room in the house!

I went online and read a bunch of articles about fixing slow WiFi, but to be honest, most of them were waaaay too complicated for me to deal with.

Flashing modem firmware? Changing DNS server addresses? Look, I’m no computer technician – and I need something that fixes my WiFi without me having to get a degree in computer science!

I called up my internet service provider for help, but I’m sure you already know what they told me – they wanted me to start paying for a “Deluxe Package” that cost 50% more than my current plan – and they still wouldn’t guarantee my WiFi network would get any stronger!

RangeXTD FIXES WiFi Problems, Is Easy To Set Up, And With No Monthly Fees!

Fortunately, I knew who to call. Kevin, a friend from work, was a real wizard with WiFi and other networking matters. So I went online and connected with him over Zoom.

I started explaining to him all of the problems I was having with my WiFi when, wouldn’t you know it, my WiFi connection dropped out again!

A few seconds later, my phone started ringing. It was Kevin.

“Well, you weren’t kidding about your WiFi problems, were you?” We both laughed, but in all honesty I was really bummed out.

“Normally,” Kevin began, “I’d head over to your place to check out your WiFi… but with all this social distancing stuff going on, I can’t really do that.”

I understood. Kevin lived with his elderly mother and didn’t want to risk exposing her to anything.

“But in all honesty,” Kevin continued, “you don’t really even need me. What you need is called the RangeXTD. It’s this incredible WiFi booster that AMPLIFIES your WiFi signal like crazy. It’ll give you a strong WiFi signal in EVERY room in your house!”

It sounded great, but like I said, I’m no computer expert. I told Kevin that I was worried that I couldn’t set RangeXTD up by myself.

“Trust me,” Kevin said, “the RangeXTD is so simple to set up, your grandmother could do it! All you need to do is plug it in! If you can plug in a toaster, you can set up RangeXTD!”

“You mean I don’t need to change my IP address?,” I asked. “What about my modem – do I need to change any of the settings? Do I need to install any new apps, or make any changes with my wireless router?”

“You don’t have to do ANYTHING like that!”, Kevin said, laughing. “All you do is plug it in and it pretty much takes care of itself!”

It’s something that can FIX all of my WiFi problems, and it’s simple enough for me to do it myself? Now THIS I have to try! So Kevin told me how to order RangeXTD, and I put in my order right then and there.

RangeXTD SUPERCHARGES Your WiFi Network, Giving You A Fast And Reliable Connection In EVERY SINGLE Room!

RangeXTD was invented by a team of very skilled engineers who devised a way to cut out the middleman and cost-effectively extend your home’s existing internet signal.

I got my RangeXTD in the mail within a few days. Let me tell you, I put that thing through its paces. I tried it with my laptop, my tablet, and my phone. And believe it or not, I GOT STRONG, FIVE-BAR WiFi signal EVERYWHERE in the house… and all I had to do was simply plug RangeXTD into a wall socket!

You see, the problem is that when you subscribe with an internet service provider, they give you a cheap, low-quality router that doesn’t have very good range. They do this to save money (of course).

But unless your house has nothing that obstructs your signal, your WiFi suffers greatly… and you end up with slow, unreliable connections, dropouts, and dead spots!

Yes, that’s right – you PAID for strong, fast WiFi, but the cheap router they give you only works in the most ideal of situations. But if you call up to complain, your ISP says that they’re giving you all the bandwidth that you paid for (which is technically true), but your router is too weak to deliver it!

But even if you have a high-quality router, your WiFi signal can still get blocked if your home has thick walls, obstructions, or even if there are a lot of competing WiFi signals in your neighborhood!

RangeXTD Provides Strong, Steady WiFi Throughout Your Entire Home!

RangeXTD amplifies the WiFi signal that comes from your router, eliminating WiFi “dead zones” and providing you with a powerful, steady, and fast connection wherever you need it. All you do is plug RangeXTD into a wall outlet and you’re good to go. It’s that easy to use!

RangeXTD was designed so that ANYONE could use it to get better, stronger WiFi. You don’t have to be a tech nerd, computer programmer, or networking specialist to set it up! It’s super easy to do, and no prior experience is necessary!

When my family first got our RangeXTD, we really wanted to know if it worked as good as it claimed, so we really put it to the test.

My teenaged son has his own room in the basement of our home and is always complaining about his poor internet connection down there. He’s an online gamer and uses his PlayStation to play games with his friends online. But our WiFi connection was so weak and unsteady, he was always getting dropped out and disconnected from the gaming server.

Well, as soon as I plugged in the RangeXTD – and I mean immediately, as soon as I plugged it in – all of my son’s problems disappeared! He was able to log in and game with his friends without any dropouts or disconnects!

As for me? I tried downloading a large set of files that my job sent to me. The download worked in every room, not just in my office. The signal never cut out, and I got the same fast download speed wherever I took my laptop – the bedroom, the driveway, even in our backyard!

Stop Tearing Your Hair Out Over Weak WiFi – RangeXTD Gives You The Strong, Steady Connection You Deserve!

RangeXTD has changed all of our lives for the better. We can now watch Netflix in any room, and without any dropouts or disconnects. My son is able to do his online gaming in his basement bedroom (or anywhere else, for that matter). I can do my work now in any room, and I can Zoom with my coworkers without my signal dropping out every two minutes!

Better WiFi

RangeXTD extends WiFi network coverage area by boosting and amplifying existing signals at home.

EXTREMELY EASY to Set Up and Use

With its Plug & Play functionality, it’s ready to go, straight out of the box!

Maximize Your Range

You’ll be able to use your WiFi in a larger area than you could before. Eliminate those indoor and outdoor “dead zones” once and for all.

WiFi Speed Up to 300Mbps

Stream all your favorite shows and be more productive all at once!

Interchangeable US/European Plugs

Perfect for taking with you on vacations, it boosts the weak WiFi signals in your hotel room. Plugs for the U.K. and Australia are also available.

Let’s Supercharge Your Home WiFi Quickly, Easily And Affordably!

Stop messing around with weak WiFi signals that are only an exercise in frustration! Make the most of your existing connection and save on your monthly bills by installing a reliable RangeXTD!

RangeXTD turned our WiFi from an old jalopy into an Indy 500 supercar! My family hasn’t had one issue with our WiFi connection since we got our RangeXTD. My only wish is that I’d known about RangeXTD sooner!

And right now, you can buy the RangeXTD at an introductory price of 50% off.

And if you purchase more than one RangeXTD, you can extend your signal even farther and get an EVEN BETTER discount. But demand is high and the company is having trouble keeping these in stock. RangeXTD is becoming more popular by the day, so make sure you don’t miss out on having the best WiFi you’ve ever had!

I’m Sold. How Do I Get My Own RangeXTD?

I’m glad you asked! You’ll love the solid, steady connection that RangeXTD provides. And if you order right now, you can get RangeXTD at a special introductory price of 50% off!

Why would you settle for substandard WiFi when it’s so easy and affordable to make your WiFi perform like a champ? MAX OUT your WiFi network with RangeXTD today!


“I live in an old brick home that can block any WiFi signal. I never thought I’d get good WiFi in my home, but I was astonished how well RangeXTD worked. Now my WiFi is strong and steady in every room in the house!”
Carter M.
“Last year, my wife and I built a beautiful deck in our backyard. I tried using my laptop out there, but it was a total no-go. A friend suggested I try out RangeXTD, and boy am I glad I did. Now I can sit outside and watch Netflix, stream music, or whatever I want to do. I love it!”
Davide R.
“My husband and I live in a huge, old Victorian house. Every time we wanted to go online, we’d have to go downstairs to the office we’d set up. But then we bought three RangeXTD units, and placed them around the house. Now we can use the internet around the entire house. ALL of it!”
Orna B.



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