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Fixing Cracked Phones Is EXPENSIVE! Here's How I Stopped Spending Hundreds on Repairs

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Well, it happened again… for the third time this year.

I got up from the driver’s seat to exit the car and before I knew it, I heard a loud SMACK

And my thousand-dollar smartphone was shattered on the ground.

This happened even with a protective case AND a screen protector! I really thought I was covered this time. But there I was, on my way to the mall to get it repaired again

This Wasn't The First Time… But It WILL Be The Last!

So far, I’ve spent a small fortune (it costs $200 every time!) at the mall repair kiosk. I even purchased the bulkiest, most expensive case and screen protector I could find to prevent this nightmare from repeating itself.

It seems like nothing I did worked. Sure, my phone case and screen protector worked MOST of the time… but if I dropped it at the wrong angle? Bam. $200 out of my pocket again. And I seemed to find the “wrong angle” A LOT…

So as I walked up to the repair desk, I was frustrated… to say the least. It’s not fair that I have to pay such a high price just for being a little clumsy.

At this point, I was on a first-name basis with the repair tech at the mall. His eyes widened as he greeted me with a smirk. I handed over the phone and told him how it happened.

Well, guess what? He said this was his eighth repair of the week for the SAME situation… and it was only Tuesday!

In an attempt to comfort me, he said most of the cracked phones he sees actually had a case on when the screen was broken.

At this point, I’m sure he could see the disappointment on my face. But unlike all the other times he’s repaired my phone, he seemed excited about something.

He disappeared beneath the kiosk, then reappeared with a little device in his hand.

“Put this on your phone and you’ll never come back for a repair again,” he said.

It was the Scooch Wingback — a little device that sticks to the back of your phone and “pops out” into a phone grip, kickstand, and car mount.

I was skeptical at first… how could such a small device prevent my phone from breaking?!

The repair tech told me he’d been recommending them to his “favorite customers” for months, and NONE of them have come back for a repair since.

I looked it up online and learned that more than 250,000 of them have been sold — and it has over 700 five-star ratings.

So naturally, I HAD to give it a shot… and after two weeks of using it, I can tell you: the Wingback does exactly what he said it would do. I haven’t dropped my phone since I got my Wingback — and even better, there are actually a TON of other uses for it! Let me explain…

What Is The Wingback?

The Wingback is an ultra-slim kickstand, grip, and car mount that prevents you from dropping your phone (so you don’t have to waste all that money on repairs).

It does this by working as a convenient grip that allows you to securely hold your phone without worrying that it’ll slip out of your hand.

Best part about it? It’s compatible with any smartphone.

You simply stick it on the back of your phone and it pops out as a grip that makes holding your phone easier than ever.

Unlike a bulky case (that doesn’t even prevent drops!), it’s super sleek — in fact, I hardly notice it’s on my phone thanks to the metal springs that keep it out of the way when you don’t need it.

Not only does it help me keep my phone glued to my hand (even under crazy circumstances), but the “kickstand” function is SO useful… now I can follow recipes and make Zoom calls hands-free.

In short, it’s the most convenient and useful phone add-on I’ve ever used!

How Does The Wingback Work?

Using the Wingback is easy:

  1. Stick it to your phone case using its high-strength adhesive.
  2. Press the spring to pop out the grip.
  3. Hold your phone normally — but now you have a secure grip!

This simple little add-on gives you SO MUCH convenience… I haven’t even discovered all the great uses for it yet, but here are a few:

  • It prevents drops
  • It can be used as a kickstand for movies or sharing videos
  • It can be placed in a car’s air vents to be used as a car mount
  • It lets you reach every corner of your screen with one hand (great if you have smaller hands or a large phone)

It’s such a useful little accessory… I’m not surprised it’s become so popular so quickly!

The Wingback Gives Me Freedom To Use My Phone Carefree

Thanks to the Wingback, I’m finally able to use my phone in any situation… because now I have peace of mind knowing my phone won’t fly out of my hands!

And I don’t have to waste any more money on unflattering bulky cases either.

While I purchased the Wingback to keep my phone in my hands (instead of shattered on the floor), I was shocked by how much I use the other features too.

Hands tied up while cooking? Flip out the Wingback and watch that episode of Grey’s Anatomy you’ve been meaning to watch.

Need to unload the car before hockey practice? The Wingback makes mounting in your car a quick and easy experience.

Taking that daredevil boardwalk selfie? The grip kickstand eliminates pinky fatigue and gives you the reach you need for that perfect pic.

I can’t stop gushing about the Wingback ever since I got it. It’s not just a safety device, it’s super convenient. If you ask me, every phone should come with one already attached!

Thanks To The Wingback, My Phone Feels Safer Than Ever. I Highly Recommend It — Even If You Aren’t Clumsy!

I’m happy I finally found a reliable way to keep my phone in my hands… and I didn’t even have to change anything about the way I use it. In fact, I can do so much more with my phone than ever before!

Gone are the days of finding time in my busy schedule to make extra stops at the mall for repairs…

Now I can focus on capturing my son’s best hockey moments without worrying it’ll end up costing me a thousand bucks!

Important: Read This Before Buying The Wingback!

Thank you for reading! A lot of people have been asking me where they can get the Wingback. Here’s my tip: Get it from their website, NOT the mall!

After I got my Wingback, I went online to buy one for my kids and my husband… and found the prices were much cheaper when you buy directly from the official website.

Right now they’re even offering a few online-only deals — you can get Buy 2, Get 1 FREE, and Buy 3, Get 2 FREE.

Bottom line, the Wingback saved me (and my husband) a lot of time, money, stress, and missed memories. If you’ve ever dropped your phone, I highly recommend giving the Wingback a shot!

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